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In Memory of Donna Krucki

Image bullet: Puma track1956 -2014

Donna Krucki was an extraordinary naturalist, park ranger, and educator who contributed significantly to the understanding of mountain lion ecology and behavior.  Donna assisted numerous wildlife researchers over a thirty-plus year career with Orange County Parks in southern California, as well researchers in other parts of the country.  After retirement, Donna worked full time with the UC Davis southern California mountain lion project.  Donna’s knowledge of the area and of mountain lion travel patterns, and her willingness to work as hard or as long as necessary were essential to the success of our project. She also contributed to the work of other lion researchers in the area, including Paul Beier’s.
Donna's thirst for knowledge extended far beyond southern California, enticing her to visit nearly all the U.S. national parks as well as parks and preserves elsewhere in the world.  Although Donna was most passionate about mountain lions and raptors, she appreciated all inhabitants of the natural world (except invasive plants – which she pursued with a vengeance).
Donna’s skill as an educator, especially of children, had a tremendous impact.  Her nature talks to thousands of people over her career were informed by her extensive and first-hand knowledge of animals and plants. She opened many eyes to nature’s wonders through her modest, pleasant demeanor and enthusiasm.  She was a friend and colleague to many in the wildlife research community, and will be deeply missed. 

~Winston Vickers


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