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WFM Vol. 1, Issue 1

Image: Wild Felid Monitor, vol. 1, issue 1

Winter 2007 – 2008

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In This Issue

Board News
1 Welcome to the WFA
4 Dedication
5 In Memory
7 Contribute to the Wild Felid Monitor
7 WFA at the 9th Mountain Lion Workshop
7 Graduate scholarship opportunity
8 Wild felids of the western hemisphere
24 Future wild felid events
25–26 WFA member application and survey
27 Board of Directors contact information
1 Wild cats and climate change
9 Prioritizing conservation action and funding for the Felidae
Conference Reports
10 Felid biology and conservation conference
11 Canada lynx on the border: Biological and political realities for conservation planning
Management News
11 Trapping in Maine restricted to protect Canada lynx
12 Mountain lion management and hunter education in Colorado
13 Update on Canada lynx reintroduction in Colorado
Notes from the Field
14 Predicting the effects of forest management on Canada lynx
15 Projeto Puma: Studying and conserving puma and jaguar in Brazil
16 Project CAT: An experiment in science and education
17 The Borderlands Jaguar Detection Project: An intro
18 Cougar research in Alberta
Tools of the Trade
19 Noninvasive sampling techniques for wild felids
Research Highlights
20 Studying effects of urbanization on disease dynamics in bobcats, pumas and domestic cats
20 Novel spatial tools for connectivity conservation: Cougars in southern California
20 Paraguay jaguar study
21 Canadian lynx cycles and barriers to dispersal
21 Ecology and conservation of cougars in the eastern Great Basin
21 Examining the habitat and prey selection of an isolated cougar population
Recent Publications
22–23 Recent publications


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