The Wild Felid Research & Management Association

WFM Vol. 1, Issue 2

Image: Wild Felid Monitor volume 1, issue 2

Summer 2008

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In This Issue

1 Drought and wild felids: Effects of drought on bobcats and ocelots
10 Wild cats and the Web of Life
11 An overview of felid research in South America
Board News
1 From the President
5 Call for WFA Board Nominations
5 Call for WFA Representatives
5 Graduate scholarship opportunity
6 Review of the 9th Mountain Lion Workshop
7 Synopsis of the 2nd Cougar Field Workshop
24 Future Events
25 WFA member application
26 WFA survey
27 Board of Directors contact information
Management News
8 Washington pilot cougar control program
8 Washington cougar legislation update
9 Incorporating habitat modeling into cougar management in New Mexico
9 News from the western hemisphere
Notes from the Field
12 Studying jaguar and puma in the Amazonian lowlands of southeastern Peru
13 Filling gaps for Güiña (kodkod) conservation in southern Chile
14 Ecology and conservation of bobcats in an urban landscape: Lessons from a long-term study
15 Wild felids in the midst of rampant urban growth: Mountain lions and bobcats in Tucson, Arizona
16 Finding common ground with cougars, among ourselves, in cougar management
17 Using molecular genetics to examine recent and distant bottleneck events in pumas
18 The Andean Cat Project – Bolivia
Research Highlights
19 Recent publications
22–23 Research abstracts
Tools of the Trade
20 Noninvasive sampling of wild felids
21 GPS technologies in felid research and management: Are they the cat's meow?


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