The Wild Felid Research & Management Association

WFM Vol. 2, Issue 2

Image: Wild Felid Monitor volume 2, issue 2

Summer 2009

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In This Issue

1 Connecting wild felid habitats across the U.S. – Mexico Border
15 Why we do it
Council News
3 From the President
5 WFA Council election results
5 Regional update – Arizona
5 New journals
6-7 WFA Council and regional representatives
14 Wild cats of the Western Hemisphere
25-26 WFA member application and survey
27 Future Events
28 Getting involved with the WFA
Student Corner
10 2009 Wild Felid Legacy Scholarship recipient
10-11 Student research projects
Management News
12 Interagency Florida panther response plan
12 Critical habitat for Canada lynx revised
12 Saskatchewan cougar update
13 AZDGF extends moratorium on mountain lion control in Kofa NWR in Arizona extend
Notes from the Field
16 Introducing the Yale Large Carnivore Group
17 Evaluating bobcat habitat in Vermont
18 Chaco jaguar conservation project
19 Eastward movement of cougars in Canada
20 Wild felids in northeastern Argentina
Tools of the Trade
21 GPS collar failures in cougars
Research Highlights
22-23 Research abstracts
24 Recent Publications


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Image: Wild Felid Monitor Vol. 2 Issue 2


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