The Wild Felid Research & Management Association

WFM Vol. 3, Issue 1

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Winter 2009 – 2010

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In This Issue

Cover Story
1 Priorities for conservation of and research on the world's southernmost pumas
Council News
3 From the President
6–7 WFA Council Election
8 WFA Regional Representatives
9 Costa Rica and Columbia Reports
12–13 Workshop summary: Opportunities for collaborative mountain lion research on and near the Colorado Plateau, USA
11 Synopsis of felid talks at The Wildlife Society 2008 Conference
25–26 WFA member application and survey
27 Future Events
28 Getting involved with the WFA
Student Corner
10 Announcing 2010 Wild Felid Legacy Scholarship
11 2nd recipient of WFA Legacy Scholarship awarded
Management News
14 Lynx conservation and national forest management in the Rocky Mountains, USA
15 Puma population structure and vital rates on the Uncompahgre Plateau, Colorado, USA
Notes from the Field
16 Huiña conservation actions in northwestern Patagonia, Argentina
17 Evaluating bobcat populations using motion–activated cameras in Colorado, USA
18 Genetic analysis of scats reveals minimum number, sex, and diet of mountain lions on the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge, Arizona, USA
19 Bobcat home range, activity, diet, survival, and other observations in the Chihuahuan Desert of New Mexico, USA
Tools of the Trade
21 Linking resource selection and mortality modeling for population estimation of mountain lions in Montana, USA
22 Pluck a hair from a cat? My quest to test hair snares as a survey method for jaguars
Research Highlights
22–23 Research abstracts
24 Recent Publications


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