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WFM Vol. 3, Issue 2

Image: Wild Felid Monitor vol. 3 issue 2

Summer 2010

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In This Issue

Cover Story
1 Organizing jaguar anti-predatory strategies on ranches in Latin America
Council News
3 From the President
4 Regional reports
5 Management news
10 Conference review: Carnivores 2009 conference
11 Workshop review: The 4th Cougar Field Workshop
25 WFA member application and survey
27 Future Events
30 WFA Council election results
30 WFA Council members
31 WFA Regional Representatives
32 Getting involved with the WFA
Student Corner
6 Wild Felid Legacy Scholarship announcement
14 Evaluating bobcat – habitat associations in western Maryland, USA, using remote cameras
15 The possibility of a sighting: can an ecotourism model based on jaguars work?
16 What's in a name?
18 The learning curve
Notes from the Field
19 Puma - livestock conflicts in the highlands of Bolivia
20 Notes on puma, bobcat, margay and jaguarundi in Puebla, Central Mexico
21 Patagonia puma project: an update
22 Lynx habitat modelling in Yellowstone
Tools of the Trade
23 Estimating potential changes in distribution of Canada lynx in Colorado: A pilot study to estimate lynx detection probabilities
Research Highlights
24 Research abstracts
26 Recent publications


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