The Wild Felid Research & Management Association

2009 Legacy Scholarship Applicants

Who we are…

The Wild Felid Research and Management Association (WFA) is a non-profit association of professionals and non-professionals directly involved with research and management of wild cats or simply interested in learning more about wild felids and ways to help conserve them in the Western Hemisphere.

Lynx Kittens
Colorado Parks & Wildlife photo

Our Mission

To promote the sound management, conservation, and restoration, where necessary, of wild felids in the Western Hemisphere through science-based management and education. Our intention is to openly share knowledge and expertise by facilitating relationships with and among government entities, non-governmental organizations, universities, and other interested parties.


What we stand for…

  • Highest scientific and professional standards in wild felid research, management and conservation
  • Sound management and conservation of wild felids using science -based knowledge
  • Communication and collaboration across scientific disciplines and among those interested in research, management, and conservation of wild felids
  • Increased public awareness of the biology, ecology, conservation and management of felids
  • Professional growth of our members
  • Access to resources, technologies and tools

What we offer…

  • Biannual newsletter, The Wild Felid Monitor
  • This website with links to key resources
  • Direct communication via our forums to share timely information and expertise
  • Counsel and advice on policy issues
  • Translation of technical information into popular literature and other media
  • Conferences, workshops, and peer-reviewed proceedings
  • Scholarships and grants for research, management, and education related to wild felids