Board of Directors (Council)

Image: Bobcat - J. Beecham

J. Beecham


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WFA's Founding Council Members

Image: WFA Founding Board of Directors

Back (L to R): Gary Koehler, John Beecham, Rich DeSimone, Ron Thompson, Deanna Dawn
Front (L to R): Chris Belden, Chris Papouchis, Sharon Negri, Linda Sweanor
Sitting (L to R): Hugh Robinson, Donny Martorello (former Director)

Present WFA Council Members
Anthony Giordano
WFA President (2016-2018)

Director, S.P.E.C.I.E.S.
P.I., Chaco Jaguar Conservation Project
Ventura, CA USA 93003

Mark Lotz
VP - North America (2016-2018)

Panther Biologist
Florida Fish & Wildl. Conservation Commission
Naples, FL USA 34114

Sandra Ortiz
VP - Latin America (2016-2018)

Alianza Nacional para la Conservación del Jaguar
Mexico City, Mexico

Ron Thompson
Secretary (2019-2021)

Executive Director
Primero Conservation
Pinetop, AZ 85935
Ron Thompson

Cheyenne Stewart
Treasurer (2017–2019)

Wyoming Game and Fish
Pinedale, WY
Cheyenne Stewart

Brian Kertson
Councilor ( 2017–2019)

Research Scientist
Washington Dept of Fish and Wildlife
Brian Kertson

Lisa Haynes
Councilor (2019-2021)

Research Scientist
U of AZ Wild Cat Research & Cons Ctr
Tucson, AZ, USA 85721
Lisa Haynes

Mauro Lucherini
Councilor (2017–2019)

Universidad Nacional del Sur
Mauro Lucherini

Yamel Rubio Rocha
Councilor (2019–2021)

Universidad Autonoma de Sinoloa
Sinaloa, Mexico
Yamel Rubio Rocha

Toni Ruth
Councilor (2017–2019)

Executive Director
Salmon Valley Stewardship
Salmon, ID 83847
Toni Ruth

Linda Sweanor
Past President (2016–2018)

Wildlife Biologist
Montrose, CO, USA

Biographical sketches for all former and current council members are available on the Biographies page.