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Upcoming Meetings

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12th Mountain Lion Workshop



Colorado will be hosting the 12th Mountain Lion Workshop
May 15 – 18, 2017 in Estes Park, Colorado.

The workshop theme is:
“A Synthesis of Management and Research Findings”

To view the workshop AGENDA, click here >


For more information on the workshop go to:


WFA is conducting a survey at the 12th Mountain Lion Workshop. To see the survey questions go to: Survey

WFA is soliciting survey responses from professionals who are involved in mountain lion management and research activities. The results of this survey will be presented in the summer 2017 issue of our biannual newsletter, Wild Felid Monitor. Part of WFA’s purpose is to be a conduit for information exchange and the professional growth of our membership.  WFA believes that the compiled thoughts and ideas of professionals directly involved with the management and conservation of the Western Hemisphere’s most widely distributed wild felid may help promote discussion, help professionals more clearly determine future directions, and be an assist to those just starting their careers.



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24th Annual Conference

Wildlife Conservation: Crossroads of Cultures

Albuquerque, New Mexico
September 23-27, 2017

Submissions for contributed papers and posters will be open February 13, 2017.


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Proceedings & Symposia


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Mountain Lion Workshop Logo

Proceedings of the 11th Mountain Lion Workshop Click here >


Image: 11th Mountain Lion Workshop

Proceedings of the 10th Mountain Lion Workshop CLICK HERE.

Image: Logo for 9th Mountain Lion Workshop

Proceedings of th 9th Mountain Lion Workshop (5.4mb) CLICK HERE


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24th International Congress for Conservation Biology

Image: Logo for 24th International Congress for Conservation Biology
Abstract booklet available at
Several presentations about wild felids. Clickable email addresses of primary author to request additional topic information.