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The WFA is soliciting articles / information / ideas for 
The Wild Felid Monitor!

The Summer 2022 issue is out!. 

Submission Deadline for the Winter 2023 issue is November 15.

Submit to appropriate regional or student rep, or contact the editor


If you want to share information with colleagues or get feedback,
this is your forum!!

  • Notes from the field (current research, management actions, conservation efforts, and other relevant topics, ~750 words)
  • Perspectives or "Voices" (personal experiences, ideas on a topic, up to ~750 words)
  • Research or Management updates (typically <350 words, contacts and references cited, send to appropriate regional or student rep)
  • Tools of the Trade (articles on the use of specific research or management techniques/tools – discussing benefits, problems, etc, ~750 words)
  • Recent publications
  • Announcements: upcoming events, new books, job opportunity, etc.
  • Grant opportunities
  • Letters, Opinions
  • Photos / figures to accompany articles as separate jpeg files, high resolution)

Like to see an example?

Click here to open a pdf of our first issue of Wild Felid Monitor.

Some topic areas where we are looking for contributions include (but are not limited to):

Technology / Tools

  • Genetics
  • GPS (companies, collar configurations, acquisition success/ease, problems/failure rate, & other aspects)
  • GIS
  • Videography
  • Animal capture and handling (best equipment and sources)
  • Research Labs (who to contact for analyses)


  • Population estimation (use of camera traps, scent stations, genotyping from mark-recapture, others)
  • Population parameters: survival, age specific mortality
  • Physiology
  • Disease
  • Ageing
  • Felid-Prey interactions
        • Large Felid – Human Interactions


  • Adaptive and Experimental Management Approaches
  • Harvest or Depredation Management
  • Predation on Species of Concern
  • Livestock Husbandry
  • Human Safety (repellants, exclosures, human behavior)
  • Translocations / Reintroductions
  • Wildlife Corridors, Crossings
        • Species Status

Conservation Education

  • Educational Outreach
  • Educator Resources
  • Planning Tools
  • Activities
  • Volunteer & Internship Opportunities

Help Us Create a Useful Web Site For You!

In addition to the newsletter, we want the web site to be a useful tool for those involved in felid research, management, and conservation. We need information on:

  • grants/opportunities
  • conferences/workshops/events
  • other useful web links (e.g., where to find specific research, management, and conservation eduction tools)

If you have information you would like posted or have suggestions for additional pages or additions to pages, please Contact Us.

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