The Wild Felid Research & Management Association

Travel Grants

Travel Grants -

When funds become available (typically through donations to WFA's general fund), WFA is able to provide some small grants to students and professionals  who are presenting at workshops or conferences. The funds can be used to help towards travel or registration costs. 

Mountain Lion Workshop "Travel Grant" opportunity:

WFA covered the registration cost of 4 students who attended or presented at the (virtual) 13th Mountain Lion Workshop.  These students were also given a 1-year student membership in The WFA (a $20 value). Look for future "travel grant" opportunities on this page. Requirements of the grant included:

1. Applicant must provide proof that they are a university student with a presentation or poster that has been accepted by the Mountain Lion Workshop Committee and that is listed in the agenda for the meeting;

2.  Applicant must attach and email this information to WFA at and put Student Workshop Grant in the subject line. 


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